Too much work to add players names

Too much work to add players names

Some feedback is that it is too much work to add players names and roles.

I have been developing this software for nearly 2 years, after work and on weekends, the reason for this is so that kids who enjoy playing football and want to be recognised throughout the world, can have their stats analyzed and viewed by scouts from major teams like Liverpool, Everton even Australian clubs.

The only way this will work is if there is a bit of effort put in at the beginning.

I have added all players into teams that were currently empty, so that now all fixture admins and secretary's can simply go and edit the user enter their first name, last name, email contact number and email and choose player as a role.

This will allow the fixture scorers to mark the action as it happens.

Yes, there is a fixture scorecard. This is how the system knows how to score the match, what the posession was, stats and more.

So we need your help to get these names done so the stats can be recorded for future use and for our Scout Stats Program.


Thank you

Ben Holland

The guy who sits writing the code for this.!!! :-)



but in a nutshell.

an admin can allocate someone to mark the game in fixture admin, or any main administrators can mark the game.

go to the fixture before kick off and you will see a kick off button.

click that when the whistle blows

you are then provided with all your players names, click the player that has just performed an action,

the system will then show you a list of basic actions, example a foul, goal assist, great skill, defence, attack own goal, goal etc etc.

click that and that is all recorded.

substitutions can be recorded along with everything else